What We Do

GLP Activities

The core strength of GLP is its capacity to establish strong online professional development communities. Such communities improve teaching and learning practices by (1) expanding access to quality materials, (2) promoting the exchange of ideas, and (3) reducing teacher isolation. GLP works closely with its clients, members, and partner organizations to develop and deploy communities that promote communication and information sharing among educators.  The programs are generally geographically focused (e.g., Afghanistan) and address specific challenges and gaps. 

GLP’s activities allow communities of education professionals to:

  • communicate and link with other teachers, institutions, and stakeholders
  • create repositories of materials to share and re-use
  • collaborate on projects
  • share experiences, approaches, and insights at local, national and international levels
GLP Approach

GLP deploys and supports collaborative technology to connect users, members, and partners to share knowledge, create and re-use materials, and share ideas and experience. Several key principles guide GLP's approach to program design and implementation:

  • Collaborate when possible. GLP works closely with local and international partners whenever possible.
  • Promote stakeholder ownership. GLP clients determine project objectives. Our sustainability strategies focus on the strengthening of capacity at NGOs and ministries to take ownership of products and programs.
  • Build on lessons learned. GLP leverages and shares knowledge gained from past online community initiatives to benefit management, communication, and implementation practices.
  • Actively manage partnerships. GLP recognizes the difficulty in ensuring cooperation among project partners and beneficiaries, and takes a deliberately proactive approach to coordination.


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